Gosia gives a seminar at the Chevron Richmond Technology Centre

In February 2020, Gosia was invited to deliver a seminar at Chevron research facility in Richmond, California. She was hosted by Dr Hye-Kyung Timken, Chevron representative to the QUILL IAB, who led the development of refinery alkylation catalysed by Lewis acidic ionic liquids (ISOALKY). Chevron’s Salt Lake City alkylation unit is now retrofitted to accomodate the new ISOALKY technology, which attracted a lot of attention across academic and industrial research community.

It was fantastic to meet the people behind the ISOALKY technology and see the Chevron research facilities. It is great to see the industrial scientists interested in the fundamental developments in Lewis acidic ionic liquids, and to learn from them, too. Fantastic restaurants in the SF area are definitely a bonus 🙂 – Gosia

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